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Anti-Cellulite Shapewear / High Waisted


The seamless design irons out lumps and bumps around your tummy, hips, thighs and lower back. Your pants will look perfect, dresses fit like a dream and skirts suddenly sizzle!

– Reduces the appearance of cellulite in just 30 days
– Breaks down fat cells and tones the skin
– Slims waist, tummy, thighs and legs
– Seamless and reinforced – comfortable to wear
– Very easy to wear under other clothing

Product Information

Scala Shapewear reduces the appearance of cellulite and the waistline and is the only brand of shapewear with documented proven effect. In an independent university study from 2009, 82% of women who participated noticed significant reduction of cellulite and waist and thigh measurements after just 30 days.

– Fights cellulite and uneven skin

– Slims the tummy and waist by up to 8 cm

– Slims thighs by up to 10 cm

– Seamless and extremely comfortable to wear

– For best results, wear 6-8 hours a day for at least 30 days

– The effect generally lasts 4-8 months

– Due to the premium quality of the fabric, Scala Shapewear is very durable

– The Bio-Crystals are knitted into the fabric, so the effect does not decline when you wash your Shapewear

How Bio-Crystals fight cellulite, fat and excess fluid

When you wear your Shapewear or Leggings, the Bio-Crystals are activated by body heat. Blood flow, oxygen availability and skin metabolism increase, which releases and “melts” fat deposits and excess fluid stored in the skin. The waste products are excreted by the body’s own purification system (the kidneys).

Size Guide

How do I know which garment and size I should buy?

It is important to remember that all of our Promise Shapewear and Promise Leggings have two functions:
– The first is to reduce the appearance of cellulite, the waistline and weight.
– The second is to tone your figure for a more beautiful silhouette and help hold in excess skin/fat.
– The garments also support the body, which makes them feel good on and improves your posture.

Choose your Shapewear carefully, based on what is most important to you:

– If you mainly want to fight cellulite on your thighs and buttocks and slim your thighs, our Leggings and Low Waist Shapewear Panty are excellent choices (they will also reduce your weight and waistline up to the navel).

– If you want a garment that holds in your tummy while working to reduce your waistline, our Shapewear High Waist Panty is ideal (it also reduces your weight and fights cellulite on the buttocks and thighs).

– A lot of women like to alternate a Shapewear/High Waist Panty with a pair of Leggings to cover maximum body surface.

Choosing Your Size

– If you want to buy a pair of Leggings or a Low Waist Shapewear Panty, you should generally buy the size you usually wear in trousers.

– If your trouser size is one size or larger than you wear in tops, our Low Waist Shapewear Panty and Leggings will usually fit best.

– If you wear the same size for tops and bottoms, you can definitely wear our High Waist Shapewear Panty.

– If you are in between sizes, we recommend that you buy the smaller size (so, if you are between small and medium, buy Small).

Style Guide

Every woman’s shape is unique. Our Shapewear and Leggings are stretchy and meant to be fairly tight. But if you have somewhat wider hips and a smaller waist, for instance, it can be hard to get our High Waist Shapewear garments to stay up. In these cases, we recommend a Low Waist Shapewear Panty or Leggings.

Size Guide

– Small: 4-6
– Medium: 8-10
– Large: 12-14
– X-Large: 16-18


Incredibly comfortable

The great thing about our Shapewear and Leggings is the fantastic feel and incredibly comfortable support for the entire body. You cannot physically feel the millions of bioceramic crystals – the fabric simply feels like a somewhat heavier hosiery knit.

Clothes slip easily on and off

The fabric used in Scala Bio Promise Anti-Cellulite Shapewear is a little thicker than ordinary nylon tights. The garment is constructed to hold in the softer parts of your body, so our Shapewear may offer a little resistance for the first few days. But it is very easy to put on clothes over our garments. Due to the non-friction material, even close-fitting garments slip on (and off) without catching.

Ordinary knickers underneath

For the fastest effect, you should wear your Shapewear next to the skin. But you can wear ordinary knickers or string-bikini underwear and still get the same effect (the only difference is that it takes about an hour for the Bio-Crystals to start working if you wear knickers underneath). On the other hand, you won’t have to wash your Shapewear every day.

You can also buy two garments and alternate them so you don’t have to wash them every day. A lot of women like to alternate a High Waist Shapewear Panty with a pair of Leggings to cover maximum body surface. And if you buy at least two garments – of your choice – you also get 20€ off!

Washing instructions

We recommend that you hand wash your garments or machine wash using the hand wash/delicate cycle at 30°C.


90% Polyamide
10% Elastane
130 denier